Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 17 - "Random News Headlines"

Over the past few months I've been making a point to collect any news articles I stumble across online, regarding atrocious acts that religious people have been committing all over the world. I don't know how aware you are of recent events. This will hopefully help shed some light on why many people now see Christians (and other religions) to be more harmful than good.

For consistency's sake, I'm going to arrange the links under specific headlines, whether it's Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, etc. Because I know how much you hate Catholics and how you think most of the nasty side of Christianity comes from them alone. I want you to see how widespread it is and how it is not solely a Catholic issue in this day and age.

I don't take credit for writing or publishing any of these links. I'm simply sharing them for others to read. Click the link to read the article. Credit goes to the authors, editors, and web hosting of all links below.

The oldest link was taken from November 2011, the newest as recently as today in January of 2012.


Catholic (International)

Evangelical Christians




Jehovah's Witnesses

Salvation Army


Random Christian Bigotry


  1. Hey remember when groups like the Westboro Baptist Church were the crazy ones instead of mainstream Christianity? No? Me either...

  2. "WBC is hateful, dogmatic and destructive, as christians have been throughout history. If we

    were living in Europe 500 years ago, we would be talking about all “Christians.”