Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 26 - "Random Headlines 3.0"

Once again, over the past few months I've been making a point to collect any news articles I stumble across online, regarding atrocious acts that religious people have been committing all over the world. I don't know how aware you are of recent events. This will hopefully help shed some light on why many people now see Christians (and other religions) to be more harmful than good.

For consistency's sake, I'm going to arrange the links under specific headlines, whether it's Catholic, Baptist, Muslim, etc. Because I know how much you hate Catholics and how you think most of the nasty side of Christianity comes from them alone. I want you to see how widespread it is and how it is not solely a Catholic issue in this day and age.

I don't take credit for writing or publishing any of these links. I'm simply sharing them for others to read. Click the link to read the article. Credit goes to the authors, editors, and web hosting of all links below.

The oldest link was taken from February 2012, the newest as recently as today in April of 2012.

Catholic Diocese Puts Bigotry Before Service – Ends Funding For Homeless Shelter For Director’s Opinions
Abuse priest Alexander Bede Walsh jailed for 22 years
Priest who allegedly denied Communion to lesbian placed on leave
Catholic Church tortured 200,000 kids with electroshocks, lobotomies in Catholic mental institutions [VIDEO]
Lawsuit accuses Quebec's Catholic Church of coercing adoptions
Dutch Roman Catholic Church Castrated Boys As 'Treatment' For Homosexuality
Minister accused of abusing 12-year-old son
Irish priest convicted of sexual abuse for the fourth time - victims live with nightmare
Bethlehem pastor Santos Rosado sentenced up to 19 years in prison for child molestation
200 priests suspected of abuse living in California, victims' lawyer says
Mother Teresa Letter Defending Pedophile 'Authentic' and 'Disturbing,' Says Former Nun
Pa. Priest Faces Trial On Child Abuse Cover-Up
23 Philly priests still suspended after 1 year
Priest Alexander Bede Walsh jailed for 22 years Read more: Priest Alexander Bede Walsh jailed for 22 years
Controversy grows after Catholic priests starve cats in NY church
Former priest arrested for sexual battery
Pope won't meet with Mexico abuse victims
Philadelphia Priest Trial: Reverend Thomas Smith's Passion Play Allegedly Used Naked Boy
Catholic Bishop compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin
Vatican defends excommunication for raped nine-year-old girl's abortion
Pope Tells Nuns To Forget About Feeding The Poor And Focus On Hating The Gays
Catholic church urges pupils to sign anti-gay marriage petition
Forced castrations reportedly found in Roman Catholic care

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