Thursday, November 10, 2011

Response from my mom, Week 5 on "Hilter the Catholic"

Hi Dea,

I read your blog about Hitler.  I have never ever heard before that he felt he was acting in God’s will, so that is news to me.  I have only ever heard (and believed) that he was a great evil.  You’ve heard my opinion about the Catholic church before, so it doesn’t surprise me that he was affiliated with them.  In my mind I have always thought they were a cult and represent many evils.  In any case, your quote at the bottom “not everyone who quotes God is good” is accurate.  We have to always be wise and discern who is TRULY a good Christian and who is only using the title for a sales pitch.  One other thing that comes to my mind is how the human race has ‘matured’ as the decades roll by.  Humanity (whether believing in God or not, or whether claiming to be a Christian or not) has a sordid history of treating their fellow man very badly.  It shocks and appalls me just how badly humans have treated each other; but nowadays we seem to have matured, we have a lot of new laws to protect people and their rights, and we don’t seem to think the same way… know what I mean?

I disagree about part of what you said. We may have matured as a species, but that's thanks to science and the questions we've been able to answer through it that before we couldn't. We're still incredibly immature and violent towards each other because humans simply can't accept or get over each others differences. We as a species are prone to hate what we fear/don't understand. If you think that's changed at all though or you think we've stopped treating each other badly and killing each other, check out these examples...

The war in Afghanistan & Iraq
Libya & Gaddafi
Saddam Hussein
US Ban on Cuba
Communist China
North Korea
Weapons of Mass Destruction & the threat of Nuclear War
Widespread famine and poverty in the African Continent
Occupy Wallstreet and the 99%
Palestinian vs Israeli conflict
The bombing in Norway that killed 87 people earlier this year
The Death Penalty in the US
Westboro Baptist Church

I'm sure I'm missing some things, but by that list alone, it's obvious that humans have in no way matured to a point where we treat each other any better, we've just developed better weapons to kill each other.

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