Monday, October 10, 2011

Response from my Mom, Week 1 pt 2 on "God Spots" & "Mental Illness"

I'm going to use the same color coding as last time and probably will from now on to be consistent, but she didn't copy paste which paragraph she was referring to in each of her answers so I won't be able to do the same. Hopefully it's clear enough to keep up though.

I have read the rest of your blog, and there are some interesting things in the part about God Spots. They may have something about their theory about us lacking a bullshit detector, and maybe even about the anxiety (and addiction to it) that causes some religious wars to last so long. I think of the wars in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants (I THINK!!) that has lasted for hundreds of years.  I have my own theory about that but you would likely think it is stupid.
 I'd like to hear it one way or another, whether I end up thinking it's stupid or not is still yet to be determined.
The Virus of the Mind seems very biased and it seems to me that the author is a very angry atheist (perhaps like you??) and has a vendetta against Christians and Christianity....  Mental Illness??? just because he disagrees with us?  Much of his opinions drip with disgust and distain and are hardly objective. Religious beliefs may cause some to act irrational or delusional, but not all.  Again, there are many types of religions, especially if you are including the Taliban's who believe in suicide bombings.  You cannot compare them with the mainstream believers.
 I'm actually going to dedicate my next blog post to why people think Atheists are "angry." That is probably the biggest misconception about Atheists that Christians have, and again more propaganda as far as I'm concerned because it serves to make us look like the bad guys and the Christians as victims. The study was not bias, did you read where it was done? Duke University. Duke is ranked 10th in the US and 19th in the World for Academics and research. . If they're bias they I don't know who isn't. I think you're just calling it bias because you don't like what they found. And the believe in an imaginary friend aka God and talking to themselves aka prayer is something all Christians do, which many people find delusional in itself. Psychotic schizophrenics do both and they're considered delusional.
Regarding the "LINK" between mysticism (religion?) and mental illness I think that a link is not conclusive evidence. There will always be cases where a mentally ill person(s) will have a religious experience(s).  That doesn't mean all religious people are mentally ill.  It seems biased against religions, again dripping with distain.
You may be right. If you're not satisfied with that link you're welcome to do your own research on the topic. Just make sure you get it from a Non-Christian, unbaised source.
I watched half of the video with Prof Bradshaw.  He is entitled to his opinions, and there will always be people who do not believe in God or anything religious.  But for him to say that anyone who believes that God is a real person is schizophrenic, with mental illness and neurological disorder is incredibly narrow-minded and arrogant.  I don't call him mentally ill because his opinion disagrees with mine.  And he really should compare a 'normal, healthy Christian' with someone who really has schizophrenia.... there is no comparison, and so his statements are utterly ridiculous.  Another angry atheist dripping with venom.  Also, not all Christians live as isolated as monks in a monastery....??????  How can anyone claim that in all seriousness? 
 PROFESSOR Bradshaw is not being opinionated. He's using his PROFESSION to make deduced conclusions on his studying and research. I don't think you're fully within your rights to make a comment on something you only half watched. And you can't call him mentally ill because nothing he's doing falls under the category of mental illness. Most things that Christians do, does. Why are you so angry? Why are all Christians so angry? See how easy that is.
The section on Shrinking the Brain.... again, they have shown some links (not conclusive evidence) but there may be other reasons there are links besides being born again.  For example, they were all over 58 years old- maybe that's why their brains have begun to atrophy.  Or maybe because born-again people share a lot of things in common and tend to be similar in many ways... perhaps their lifestyles and not their beliefs have caused the atrophy.
 Again, if you're not satisfied I suggest you make more research on your own. I can't tell you you're wrong because I don't know for sure.

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